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Sunday, January 22, 2012

200 years young

This morning, we went to an Anglican Church in Belize City. It was celebrating its 200 year Anniversary, and the oldest church in the country of Belize! The church was beautiful, inside and out. Everyone was very welcoming to us and loved having us visit. The service was not typical to what I am used to, it was up-down, music without instruments, several congregational prayers in unison, led by a female Bishop, readings by high school students, one even had a beautiful solo, and a communal communion. Many differences that I am not accustomed to, but I really liked seeing how different denominations in different countries worship. As the preacher said at our very first church we went to in Succotz, "No matter where we are, where we come from, we all serve one God." So true, and such a comforting feeling to know His omnipresence is bigger than we can ever know. The church service was shorter than any of us had anticipated, but it was a wonderful experience. Each mission trip I have been a part of, I have had the opportunity to experience a new kind/denomination of church, and this one has exceeded all expectations.

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