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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Caves & Water Slides

Today was an amazing day spent with all three groups from MVNU. We went to Mount Pine Ridge to explore. We started off the hike down a slippery mountain side with rocks and roots everywhere. While at the same time 50 of my classmates were all trying to climb to the bottom! Once we all made it to the bottom we made it to a beautiful waterfall. As we were all taking pictures and taking in the scene it began to rain. We all had to hike back up the mountain in the rain, which was really tricky. From there we went to Rio Frio Cave. It is the biggest cave that I have ever seen. At the bottom of the cave was a beach with a river and water fall that streamed through it. It was amazing being able to climb around and explore the area. From there our tour guides drove through the tiny, muddy road to the natural pools and waterfalls where we all could swim! The water was a little cold, but that did not stop many of us from jumping right in. We found natural slides with the current and rode them down. It was a lot of fun, but tiring since the rocks were slippery.You really had to keep your balance or for some you would land on your butt. I was one of those who took a few falls into the water, but I could not stop exploring.It was so much fun cooling off in the cool water and just looking around in amazement at the views. After the long day we drove the two hours back to camp and rushed into the kitchen to eat dinner.

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