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Friday, January 13, 2012

God wants to give you ice cream!

Tonight we had an awesome opportunity to be spoken to by an awesome guy named Brian Wilson. He talked about an amazing story of God's influence in his life and how all of the things in our lives are connected by God's amazing plan. He reminded me that we don't need to worry about all those little things that seem to pile up on us and (here is a disturbing thought) we can even be happy about those things because it just means that God is going to use it and work through it to His glory!

He was an amazing guy with tons of stories to tell and lots of answers for our many, many, many questions! One of his stories led to a question from me about not being sure about God's direction for you life and He gave a really cool answer about God wanting to give us ice cream meaning that God wants to give us choices! The answer may not always be a yes or a no, but we can actually make a choice sometimes and either answer could be right, just like we could choose between two different flavors of ice cream and either one can be equally as tasty! This blew my mind! I think sometimes we get so caught up in finding the right answer, we forget how much God loves us and that He will even let us choose the next step sometimes! He is such a big God that He can handle that and more!

It was just a really enriching and blessed night where I even got to throw some of my ideas off on this guy about musical missions and he totally gave me the thumbs up! I've felt that God has some big plans for me and I'm super excited to see where He takes me and know that if I do mess up, then He will just use that experience for His good and His glory! Amen!

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  1. As always great post, and me thinks Gods plan for him to be there tonight was just what you needed! Always allow him to work and you will be blessed.