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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking a Stand

Duck Run 3 elementary school was a great little place to visit! I had never been around so many children full of love. I am not typically someone who handles situations with children well, but each kid had a different smile to offer and it made my heart melt. We had the opportunity to spend two days with them, where some of our group got to help educate them, some did crafts with them, and some of us challenged them to their own games. We quickly found out, they were much better than us at volleyball! It was a blast to see them enjoying the outdoors and making crafts together. The little girls were shy and ran around in pairs, while the boys showed off playing soccer and/or volleyball. No matter what we were doing, they were always posing for the camera. They loved the way we marveled over them; it makes me wonder if they are usually given that much adoration. Regardless, we had no problem dishing it over to them!
At the end of the first day, I was asking some of the little fellows to do silly things for the camera. They weren't sure how to react to that at first, then they got into it. After a few shots they asked what else to do. Being a gymnast for 12 years, the first thing that popped my mind was handstands! They gave me a confused look, so I showed them what I meant! They jumped right in! It made my heart so happy to see them enjoy something I taught them that I have done for years, while it was something brand new to them!

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