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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fishing in PG

The Mennonite children climbing on the fence.
The ocean!!
This afternoon, we went back into Punta Gorda (the largest city in the Toledo District).  It was very different than being there at night and I have to admit, I prefer the daylight.  As a group, we walked through town following Prof Yerxa.  We got some WD's ice cream at a small parlor on the side of the road.  They were out of pineapple and coconut (I was rather disappointed) but I tried cheesecake and oreo and they were pretty good :)
After the ice cream, we listened to the marching band, did some window shopping, and headed down to the ocean.  The sky and water were beautiful!  We could see the Hondoran mountains in the distance too!

At the pier, Brighton and I met two young boys fishing.  The boys told us their names were Dalvin and Cliff, however, I suspect that those were probably
made up.  They were fishing to feed their pet turtle that eats 5 fish per day.  As the boys showed us their gear (a fishing line that was attached to a small piece of wood as a handle with a tiny rusty hook on the other end and a small amount of a mysterious almost flesh like meaty material for bait), they told us that they often come after school to fish.  We helped them fish until we had to leave to head back to the bus.  They only had one fish upon our departure, but hopefully they caught more as the evening went on!

Brighton helping the boys find some fish!

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