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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One heck of a long craving!!

Have you ever craved a certain food for an extended period of time... lets say two years?! Well, I have! Ever since the first time I came to Belize in 2010, I have been craving fried jacks! They don't serve them anywhere back home (at least not that I am aware of) and try as I may, I cannot make them at home, it just doesn't turn out the same! But alas, today for the first time... we had fried jacks for breakfast and they were just as tastey as I remembered.
Some more of today's happenings... *MVNU fills the house at Succotz Church of the Nazarene—which was an incredible service and time of worship with our new Belizean friends
*Hiking to the top of Xunantunich and inching closer and closer and closer to the edge for fun and creative pictures and building a pyramid of 10 girls (which is an adventure in and of itself)
*Reuniting with Warren (our little buddy who lives at the campground we are staying at) reminising old times and showing him all the pictures we took of him last time we were here
And a final tidbit for those back home... I believe we have all officially replaced the first layer or two of our skin with Deet

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