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Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st Time Out of the Country with a Passport

When the Senior Colloquium Group Flew into the Belize City Airport, I was sceptical/excited about the month long adventure we were about to embark on.

The first meal in Belize was at a local hot-spot called Cheers. It was difficult for me to order with so many choices but I zeroed my choice to a dish called TEX-MEX Pita Pockets. When the dish arrived I was glad I had chose the pita pocket because it was loaded with fresh veggies, meat, and cheese with a dash of hot sauce.


The next day we headed to Lamina Mayan Ruins. The boat trip back to the bus we took a quick detour to visit some local monkeys. Although they did not say it, I think they appreciated us making the detour.

The excursion has been a roller coaster ride but mostly holding some pivotal turns and detours that were not expected, but Overall the experience is worth ever minute and I look forward to the ascending and descending times to come. Always learning from the steps taken here in Belize!

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