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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Friendly Face

The sun was shining early and it was a very warm 85* this morning. The day started out with breakfast, which consisted of: pancakes, eggs, bananas, and oranges. After breakfast we had our ethics class for a few hours. Today started the series of debates that we are working on and will continue to work on for the next two weeks. The debate today was on War: Just War vs. War Pacifism, and when the debate was over- we discussed both sides as a class.

The ladies in the kitchen had mini-chicken tacos, salsa, pineapple, and tortillas for lunch. Lunch was very good, but we packed up quickly afterwards and headed to the Good Shepherd Clinic. There we were able to meet Nurse Margaret, who is by far one of the most encouraging nurses I have ever met. Nurse Margaret has a huge heart for Christ, and a huge heart for helping others. It was amazing to listen to her tell us the ways that she uses nursing as her ministry and the ways that she tries to model Christ. While we were unable to help out at the clinic, we were able to be encouraged by an amazing lady who has devoted over 50 years of her life to nursing.

After we left the clinic, we headed to the markets down by the river. There we were able to talk to the local people who were selling their products. On the way back to the campground we stopped by a guy's house where he made pottery and other clay items. We looked around at the products he had for sale, we asked him a few questions, and he then explained to us how he was processing the beans that he had dried out. Walking away we could not help but talk about how the people of Belize are so different in regards to being kind to complete strangers and always welcoming others into their homes.

It was fun walking back to the campground as the children were heading home from school because they are so much fun and are always willing to say “hello,” give a high-five, or do something silly. The smallest children seem shy at first, but as soon as I smile at them their faces light up. Many of the children ask us how we are doing, and many of them ask us where we are going. Because they just started school today they are very excited to know that we are staying at the campground right beside their school. Many of the children are in the dining hall right now working on crafts and activities that we have for them.

The biggest aspect of the culture that I have been reflecting on today is the fact that most of the people in Belize wish to live in the United States. The culture here in Belize is completely different than in the states, and there is much more of a positive atmosphere displayed here. To me, the people of Belize have so much more happiness than anywhere or anyone that I have ever seen. In addition, the families and friendships appear very strong and valued- time is spent with each other and not in front of televisions or other electronic devices. Most of these people have so little, but they are so rich!

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