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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Morning After

As I woke up this morning, I started thinking about the people that I have grown accustomed to starting my days with after leaving my room. Then I remembered that my room wasn't in a cabin in Columbia or a hotel on Caye Calker and I realized that I wouldn't be starting my day with the same people.

For the better part of the last month I've lived without my cell phone, make-up, flat iron, hot water, Facebook, and privacy. But I know that I've been living with so much more than I've been living without. The people I shared my life with in Belize were such a tremendous blessing! If you would have told me 25 days ago that I would let a nursing major sleep on my lap on our hour long boat ride, spend my nights playing cards with fellow business majors that I'd never had the confidence to talk to, or stay up late chatting with a girl I didn't think I liked all that much, I probably would've made a sarcastic remark like, "It will take an act of God." Well an act of God is exactly what I experienced every day while in Belize. I have grown and learned so much through my interactions with the people of Belize and my fellow travelers. I am so thankful for each person I traveled with and I pray that I was able to bless them even a fraction of the amount they blessed me. I know it will take a little adjusting not having these amazing people in my life every day but the memories made and lessons learned will stay with me forever.

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful reflection! My suspicion is that it is representative of what went on in most of us!