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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cave Tubing

This morning we left at nine to go to an Anglican church in Belize City. It is the oldest church in Belize. The service was lead by the high-schoolers and they were all dressed in uniform. I didn't know what was going on for the beginning until we got handed the booklets and could follow along. It was over in an hour, the shortest church service we have been to so far. For lunch we had a buffet at the Best Western Hotel. There was chicken, lobster, potatoes, rice and beans, potato salad, fresh fruit, about six desserts and more. It was all very delicious and the best meal we have had in three weeks.

We got back and hurried to get changed and packed because we were getting picked up to go cave tubing. The drive took about an hour and we snuck in a little nap. Katie and I rented water shoes because shoes were required. Everyone had to get head lamps, a life jacket, and an inner tube. We walked through one little section of the cave on our twenty minute hike to the river. When we finally reached the dock we put our tube in the water then turned around backwards and fell back. Havier, our tour guide told us the water was “refreshing.” It was clear in the shallow parts and a pretty blue green in the deeper parts. The first cave we had to paddle most of the way because the water moved really slow. There was a current that took you down into the second cave and if you didn't stay to the left you could run into a rock. At one point Havier told us to turn off our head lamps and it was pitch black. The caves had a couple little water falls and we were about 50 feet under ground. Once we were out of the second cave we got to float down the river for a few minutes. That is when I discovered Kelsi had a cut under her eye. She explained it was from a tree branch that she wasn't able to dodge in time. We had a fun time and it was well worth the money. I can't believe we almost picked a museum over cave tubing.

We got back to the hotel around six and I was hungry. We tried to find out what we were doing for dinner but no one knew. Then we finally heard we were walking to get pizza. We were all under the impression that we were going to sit down and eat, until we saw how tiny the pizza place was. Twenty of us definitely couldn't all fit. Tomorrow we are getting on a boat to go to Caye Caulker, we have to leave behind our big suitcases and just take what we will absolutely need for four days.

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