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Sunday, January 15, 2012


"Albertine" - Brooke Fraiser

I am sitting still
I think of Angelique
her mothers voice over me
And the bullets in the wall where it fell silent
And on a thousandth hill, I think of Albertine
there in her eyes what I don't see with my own

Now that I have seen, I am responsible
Faith without deeds is dead
Now that I have held you in my own arms, I cannot let go till you are

I am on a plane across a distant sea

But I carry you in me
and the dust on, the dust on, the dust on my feet


I will tell the world, I will tell them where I've been
I will keep my word
I will tell them Albertine


I am on a stage, a thousand eyes on me

I will tell them, Albertine
I will tell them, Albertine 

Thanks to Maddie Layton, this was our education group's anthem during our stay in Belize last year.  The song keeps reverberating in my head as I've been here in Belize, especially San Jose Succotz.  Succotz has such a special place in my heart, but not just the town, the people.  The people have changed me.  They are so incredibly special to me and they each hold an important piece of my heart.  Last year, I remember crying like I've never cried before, after my last day of teaching.  This year, I haven't cried but I feel like I have hope.  Hope that I will see my Belizean friends once again, whether God blesses me with another opportunity in this glorious country and town or if I have to wait until heaven, I can't wait until we meet again.  And, until we meet again, I won't cease sharing their stories of the amazing students and people here in Succotz.
Jarod, Me, and Marconi at church last night (and Marconi you were right, I probably should have turned my flash on lol!)
Last night, I went to the youth service at the Nazarene church here and three of
my students took the bus from Benque Viejo in order to see me once last time.  It meant the world to me, once last round of hugs and promises to email and Facebook.  Thank heavens for technology and people like Dr. Skon, Mary, and Doug who can make it work so well!  It's crazy to think that I can keep in contact with my friends when I'm back in the states even those in this wonderful little town. 

In closing this little (okay, maybe long) blog, I will be carrying you in me, in way more than just the dust on my feet Succotz.

The sunsetting as we drove back into Succotz last night...I'm praying that it won't be the last sunset I get to see in Succotz.

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