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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Class was ran longer then traditionally expected on Friday. The amount of information that I had to absorb was making my brain hurt, in a good way! The aching in my cranium and the humid weather created a physical sign that I should take a quick NazNap.
After I was awoken by an important meeting that was stationed between my bed and the men's restroom; I felt another important sign that was pointing me towards the Village of Columbia.

I grabbed my sneakers and knapsack packed with a water and hit the road jogging. I did not make it far before I felt the heat slowing my feet down to a walking pace. When I walked up the last hill before the village I saw Dr. Skon and with some students from my Senior Colloquium course. I stopped to chat for a minute and Dr. Skon informed me that the road makes a loop around the village. After our brief discussion about directions I found an interesting sign about the Women's Group Corn Mill*
As I rounded the corner I saw the road that led to the river and the Mayan Ruins. I walked down to the river and thought about two days ago when the bus was stuck in the mud at the ruins. After a quick remaniance about past times, I headed around the loop of Columbia and saw a strange site.

This structure caught my eye. There are many structure throughout Belize that are half finished or started and abandoned. This particular building seemed that it was used at one time and I found the benches surrounding the building strange. There seemed to be some purpose to the labour used to construct and paint the structure but that purpose has dissipated. Strange?

The sun started going down as I rounded the right end of the village bend. The hill rose to a slight incline to a hip-hop happening playground/school. There were children everywhere when I rose to the hilltop and the ground had been flatten long ago for the establishment of the Roman Catholic School that was in great condition after 68 years of use. The children shot a soccer ball B-line towards the walking direction in an attempt to get me involved. I showed the kids my Futbol Skills, which didn't compare to the 9-14 year old pros, but it was a solid try to socialise with the locals. By this time the sun had lowered itself and the daylight was slowly fading. This was my sign, I said my goodbyes and tossed my knapsack on and headed towards home. This would be my last night at the Columbia Nazarene Camp-ground.

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