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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Unexpected Nursing Skills Used in Belize

Today was a very adventurous day out exploring the Mayan ruins. After the usual picture taking and climbing around Katie and I decided to go look at the local vendors selling crafts. While we were back at the bus we heard Mike yelling from the top of the muddy hill down, “Someone fell! We need nurses!” Both of us were like what can we do in the middle of no where with basically no supplies. So we found a first aid kit on the bus that was ancient. So Katie grabbed some wipes and a towel and we took off as quick as we could up the slippery slope. Once we made it to the top we found both Kyle and Damon had fallen off of a vine. We began cleaning the cuts with water and the wipes and making sure they were cleaned and covered for the trek back to the bus. We also checked their pupils to make sure they did not have a concussion. Once we had them all covered in band-aids that one of the other girls had handy, we started to walk down the ruins. But we then heard that Hannah was slumped over and very pale. So I grabbed some gum from Cassie and put it in her mouth to try to get some sugar in her quickly. Then Amelia and Katie moved her into the shade and laid her down. Cassie then found a cliff bar and we got some Gatorade. After a few minutes her color came back and we were able to go back to the bus. Once we made it back to the bus we sat around for a while waiting for someone to come and safe us. The bus was stuck in the mud! Finally help came and we were on our way. Once back to camp we set up another little area to re-clean the wound the boys had gotten. Katie had some homemade ice packs made to keep on some of their bruises. My nursing mode seemed to just kick in instantly today when we had to help the guys. I guess you really can do nursing anywhere that it's needed even in Belize!

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