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Friday, January 20, 2012

Can I Keep Him?

Baby Nathan!!!
Ok, so it is no surprise to anyone on this team by now that I LOVE BABIES! I have always been around babies my whole life, working in church nurseries or babysitting for some of my friends, or just hanging out with friends who have babies. I love them so much. They really help me see the love of Christ in a different way. So innocent and happy and full of life! And this fact didn't change when we came to Belize. From the orphanage in Belmopan, to meeting Delores' new 3 week old granddaughter in Succotz, to playing with baby Nathan here in San Pedro Colombia, we've met quite a few awesome babies on this trip!

How can you not love those little faces? This is Nathan and his sister Faustina. They live on the campgrounds and have been our buddies this whole week along with the rest of their siblings and cousins and friends. I'm not sure all of the relationships of the kids here, but there are always alot of them and whatever happens it is always fun! There is usually some soccer being played with the kids after dinner, with Nathan trying to chase the ball around with his stumbly walk. He is so precious. I really am going to miss all of these little ones here at the camp.

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