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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A rowdy afternoon.

This afternoon was a little more relaxed and quiet compared to previous days because we didn't have places to travel. Dr. Skon had to leave for the airport suddenly because of a medical emergency, the education group was out on a trip, and the rest of us were playing cards and getting ready for the next trip that afternoon. It was rather close to lunchtime so a bunch of kids who were on lunch break from school showed up to watch a card game of Monopoly.

They began poking, tickling, taking cards, and teasing the guys playing cards until Mike let out a loud grunt and stood up.

The whole group of boys immediately scattered and the chase was on! It didn’t take long for our guys to be overtaken by 4 or more boys each trying to climb them like a tree. Productivity suddenly came to a halt as we all went outside to watch the spectacle.

Eventually the impromptu game went to the trees as the boys chased them up the branches.

The girls were more reserved and behaved. They stood watching the boys wrestle and some played red rover type games with Leah.

Off to one side of the ruckus Courtney explained engagement and wedding rings to a Belizean girl that was fascinated with her rings.

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