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Monday, January 9, 2012

Combination Overload

Today was... well, I don't suppose there are words to describe it. We started out the day by visiting Duck run school and hanging out with the kids there. I got to run around and play soccer in my bare feet. We sang a couple of songs in Spanish. I got to help one of the girls read. It was a joy. Perhaps my favorite part was when Elita, an adorable 11 year old, came up to me and I got to practice speaking Spanish with her.

After that we went to a restaurant and I had the most delicious chicken quesadilla ever. It was attached the most random store ever, that had anything from camping gear to musical instruments to food. Then we came back and had class.

So now to the meaning of the title. Basically, this class is full of heavy topic loads. Combine that with being in a new culture, and you're in for reflection overload. My brain hurts. In a good way. It certainly is challenging. But it's also the most amazing experience I've had to date.

Here's to learning about a new culture. Here's to discussing the big issues. Here's to giving this entire experience over to God.

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