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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lamania River Boat Cruise Video

Click Here for: River Boat Cruise Video

Hi! It's a week later, but I wanted to post a like to a YouTube video taken during our 25 mile (each way) River Boat Cruise up the New River in Belize to Lamania. The boat was fast, 35 miles and hour (I checked with the GPS function on my iPhone) and the river narrow and very curvy at times. This all adds up to a vary exciting ride. This coupled with alligators, exotic birds, and spider monkeys, who came right on the boat, and you have something pretty cool. And yeah, the "River Boat Cruises" at US theme parks are really lame in comparison.

River Boat Cruise Video

Oh - and here is a picture of the monkey on the boat with Ginny!

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