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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making the Best of It

Courtney and I got to talk to one of the teachers at Hidden Paradise School. She asked him why he wanted to be a teacher. His answer startled me. He didn't want to be a teacher; still doesn't really. His dream is to be an architect. He got a call one day to substitute for two months because he had an associates degree. Six years later, he's still teaching. He joined Hidden Paradise this year and said things were very different from the school where he previously taught. Even though his desire isn't in teaching, his attitude is to make the students want to run to school and walk home, instead of the opposite. He is trying to encourage the other teachers to embrace this way of thinking as well. I was really moved by his attitude. Even though he is in a situation that he doesn't really want to be in, he is trying to make a positive change. He wants to impact the children he is teaching and bring change to this school. I hope if I am ever in a situation such as his that I can have as good of an attitude.

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