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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a day...

The morning started with fry-jacks, eggs, and juice for breakfast. We packed up and headed towards some Mayan ruins. The drive there was not bad- there were some new sites that we could see. When we got to the end of the lane where we were supposed to be parking, our bus driver said “are you kidding me?” With all of the rain we have had the last week, it was a huge, muddy mess and there was a grass parking lot. They wanted the girls to head to the back of the bus and the boys to push- when the boys were not being successful in pushing- a few of us girls got off to help push... still stuck in the mud. We decided that we would go explore the ruins and the bus-driver would contact somebody to help with the bus. At the ruins I saw a boa-constrictor wrapped around one of the trees, which was cool! While we were looking at the ruins, a few of the local vendors came to set up their items. Sarah and I decided that we were done looking at the ruins and wanted to head back towards the bus so we could look at the items that the vendors had for sale. Not long after we got back to the bus, one of the other students, Mike, started yelling for us. He said “we need nursing, now!” This was the start of it all...

I knew that there was a first-aid kit on the bus, so I quickly opened it and started throwing out the things that I would not need- assessing what else I would need to find on the way there... no ace-wraps in the kit: no problem- we have sticks and clothes... no anti-anything in the kit: no problem: I have hand-wipes... and on and on I thought the entire run up to the ruins...

Mike told us that Kyle had fallen- we did not know any details, or what we would need. When we got there after running through the mud, up and down the hills, and through the ruins- we found Kyle and Damon with lots of “battle wounds.” Kyle seemed to be the worse, so we took care of him first- with some antibacterial wipes, tissues, water, and bandages. Next we turned to Damon to help him out... he had some deep cuts and was bleeding. Because we were out of gauze and tissues, I rinsed off his cuts with a water bottle, and used my shirt and applied pressure to his wounds. I checked pupils with a flash light and everything seemed fine. After I felt that they were taken care of, we started laughing about how Mike was going to hit Damon with a stick so that he would forget about the pain he was having in his hand and hip. Just as I turned to watch Mike, I saw Hannah doubled over leaning against the ruins, and super pale! I immediately ran over to her, helped her stand up straight, and helped her lean against the ruins a different way. We poured water down her back, put water on her face, and I asked if anybody had a piece of candy. Cassie had gum, so we quickly had her put two pieces of gum in her mouth... I had the professor run down to a girl that had Gatorade and bring that back. Amelia and I carried her to the other side of the ruins, in the shade. She ate a cliff bar and took small sips of Gatorade. Once I felt that she was stable, I ran down to check on the others that were at the bus now, but needed checked on.

Down at the bus, the boys seemed to be doing fine- so as soon as I thought I was done... I was called over to help one of the professors (the one I made get the Gatorade for Hannah) who was not feeling well. He is diabetic and started feeling “different.” I quickly ran through the mud to help him, gave him a granola bar, and offered him some mix-ins for his water. I also ensured that he was drinking enough water and told him to stay hydrated.

Dwight had hitched a ride back to camp so he could pick up the van in order to pick us up. Dwight picked up the “ones that needed medical attention” and most of the girls. I rode in the van back so I could help take care of the wounds and get them cleaned up. We came back from the ruins to wait to see if the bus would be able to be pulled out from the mud with the backhoe. While waiting, we had class and I presented my debate. While doing my debate, the bus pulled in! We now have transportation!

So the day is just now half over- here's to wondering what the rest of the day will be like! Oh yeah, the man that lives beside the camp killed a bug that will kill you if it bites you. In addition to that exciting news, he also said that there was a jaguar here last night. I would love to see a jaguar... but would like to be inside- looking out a window when I do! :)

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