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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Needed Releif

Whenever you go on any kind of trip, the last thing you want to happen is come down with a sickness prior to your departure, or even while on your trip. Unfortunately for me, I have started to come down with a cold/ virus which has left me feeling pretty miserable. When I heard this morning that we were going on a two hour drive to a school where we would be spending several more hours interacting with students, my initial reaction was I'd rather go back to bed. I decided to go on the trip to the children's school in duck run 3 anyway and prepared for the worst with a hefty stash of cold medicine. When we arrived the the school, the children were just about ready to go out to recess. We heard the bell ring, and got out of the way as a swarm of smiling children flooded out of the classroom doors. We made their way to the open field where they all worked together to pull up a series of posts which became futbol goals. I made my way over to them and began to kick around with them as they started the process of picking teams. We began to play and without noticing it at the time, completely forgot about all of my cold symptoms. All I was thinking about was how much fun I was having playing the sport I love with an amazing group of kids. These kids really surprised me with how talented they were. I have coached youth teams in Mount Vernon the past 3 years, and have yet to see anyone in Ohio play the way several of these kids could. On a day which could have been all around miserable, these kids gave me a much needed break, and helped me to take my mind off what was going on. God knew exactly what I needed when He changed my mind about going with the group.

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