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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reflection Day

I was hoping to have something exciting to share with all of my blogs during this course, but I really do not have any exciting stories to share for today. Keeping in mind the “excitement” Damon and I had yesterday, It probably is not a bad thing that I have had a pretty relaxed day. It was a beautiful day today with only a few minutes of rains. There has been nice cool breeze constantly today, and plenty of sunshine. With no real activities going on after class, it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some class work. We have been so busy during our time in Belize that is has been refreshing to have a day to just relax and reflect on the experiences of the trip so far. Going into this trip I didn't think discussing all of the ethical issues we had planned would really interest me too much. As this class has progressed, I've found myself getting more and more into the discussions and really challenging myself to think about things differently. It is definitely an eye-opening experience and I look forward to what else Belize has in store for us!

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