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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Today has been wonderful! It started out a little rocky but improved immensely. This morning, one of the girls had to go home so she could see her doctor in the states because she has been sick. After her departure, we had 3.5 hours of class (talk about a long day)! We watched a video about South Africa and Apartheid, debated the death penalty, and talked about justice.

Additionally, a Mayan lady (Dolores), two of her daughters and 3 week old grandaughter (who was absolutely precious!) came to sell us bracelets and necklaces. I recognized Dolores (she wore the same unforgettable Mayan looking bright green dress) and sat and talked with her and her daughters this morning. They traveled from near Belmopan by bus to come to see us. They were so sweet and talented. They overwhelmed me with their kindness and generosity.

After I ate a quick lunch, I headed up to the high school. I was hoping to go earlier, but since class lasted long, I couldn't go any sooner. I arrived as they were beginning to go to their lunch, so I got to talk with the students. I also helped in the office. When lunch was over, I headed to Form 3 (similar to juniors in high school) to help the students prepare for their Geometry final next week. I was thrilled to find the students working with parallel lines, transversals, and some very interesting proof like problems that combined their knowledge of triangles and circles. It was also nice to catch up with some of my students from last year and see how they've excelled in mathematics since then. After Form 3, I went to Form 4 (similar to seniors in high school) for math. Form 4 was working on more advanced Algebra. It was great to spend more time with them and see their improvements in math and spoken English. Being at the high school (and Succotz in general) is simply a joy for me. When school was out, some of the kids stayed after for more help, others played basketball and some just wanted to talk with me (anyone that knows me know I will NEVER turn down a good chat lol!)

Once I was done with the high school, I got to turn into a monkey and jungle gym with the younger kids (most ranged from about 5-10 years old) as they got out of school. It was so much fun! We climbed in the trees, attempted Duck Duck Goose and mostly rolled around on the ground giggling like little girls do (with the occasional dog pile or two on Courtney and I). Once we were done on the ground, all the girls wanted to help us up, clean the dirt and grass off of us and braid our hair. It was absolutely precious they way they wanted to care for us. I can't get enough of their smiling faces and hugs!

The afternoon started winding down with Victor (one of our friends from last year) and some other boys finding a tarantula (and trying to torment the girls with it). A pastor also spoke with us about Belizean life and what we can do to continue to help Belize. All in all, this day turned out full of blessings despite our sad beginning.

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