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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final Countdown

We left Columbia today as we begin the last week of our amazing time here in Belize. The hours spent on the bus are a great for reading and reflecting. I just finished Light Blue Reign, a book about the history and success of basketball at the University of North Carolina. College basketball is one of the things I am missing most and I'm so glad my Tar Heels have a game the day after we return home.

As we drive along I try to remember everything I have learned thus far; about the country and people of Belize, about the people I am blessed to travel with, and about myself. I knew this trip would be a tremendous experience but it has definitely exceeded any expectations I had prior to our departure. God has been teaching me a lot through the people of Belize and the members of our groups. Papa Yerx even has me considering a return trip during Spring Break.

After a quick fuel stop, our bus, which has been faithful despite what we put it through, was struggling. Dwight (always our savior) and Damon Macgyver-ed it to make it to the Garifuna Museum, where we were headed to learn a little more about Belize culture.

Our miracle mechanics having had the time to better fix the bus, we left the museum and headed for Cheers, one of our most frequented establishments of the trip. On the way, the SIFE van blew a tire. This day is just awesome! But for some reason I feel more at ease when things don't go as planned here than I would back home. I'm not sure why that is but I just feel like no matter what happens (bus gets stuck or breaks down, van blows a tire, Damon and Kyle fall 10-15 feet, I almost pass out, bats in the dorm, bug bites) we will get through it. There has just been a sense of peace and God's hand on our group and I am tremendously thankful for it.

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