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Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Hours until we meet at MVNU!

Yes - the time for departure is rapidly approaching! It's always a VERY stressful time for for me as I try to make sure I'm not forgetting to pack something or do something important. What if I forget my money, or the passport, or a critical piece of equipment. Packing for a month is alway difficult, and then to make sure I'm ready for 23 people!

And then the other huge part, preparing to say goodbye to loved ones for 3 1/2 weeks. What can I say so they all know just how much I love them, and will miss them? I'm a family guy, and I don't like leaving me family to fend for themselves in the snow and ice. And I don't like not to seeing them for those long weeks.

Well, hopefully this blog can help our families to have a peek into what is going on in our lives. It's a chance for us to express ourselves as we grow and change. And as we articulate our experiences, it's a chance for us to further reflect, and then later discuss, the things that have gone on. and what the meant to us. This is a big part of what we are doing - that this the things that will go on in us, and the ways in which we grow and change.

I pray that as we meet people, discuss Christian ethics, build computer labs, see and experience the culture and sights, that God can get into our hearts, and show us more of his truth, his beauty, and his love. And that than we, as Kingdom people, can better participate in the plans he has for us!

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