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Thursday, January 5, 2012

An adventure in paradise :)

Today was certainly an adventure. Both groups (Drs. Skon and Yerxa) went to Lamanai, a Mayan ruins cite. It was quite a trek to get out there. We assembled and left Kindred Spirits campground around 8am after discovering that something was not quite right with one of the tires on the bus. We left heading North to Orange Walk and driving about 2 hours. Before we could explore the ruins we had to take a river boat ride upriver. It was an hour of wind, water and sunshine. We even got the chance to spot some crocodiles and water fowl along the way. My favorite part of the day was seeing the howler and spider monkeys in their environment. The howler monkeys were high up in the trees in the dense jungle at Lamanai. We got to feed the spider monkeys on the boat ride back to the bus. The spider monkeys came onto our boat looking for bananas. One crawled up into my lap to get the banana pieces from me :)

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