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Saturday, January 7, 2012

AirPort Pick-up

The sun continues to shine in Belize and the clouds slowly moved in as Scott and I scramble to the bus. Our fearless bus driver is prepared for the journey back into Belize City Airport to pick the next group of students up for the MVNU Belize experience!
A quick stop at the petroleum station is necessary for the gas guzzling bus that gets an efficient 7 mpg. The gas gauge reads a final sum of 300.00 Belize currency that roughly comes to be 150 dollars U.S. currency. We shuffle down the street in our yellow bus with a neon green racing strip, with Dwight making perfect time!
As we pull into Ladyville where Belize airport is located, Dwight instructs Scott and I to be aware of the locals who may try to assist with the luggage without our consent and require payment. Scott and I jump off the bus and Dwight circled around the city and the plan to pick everyone up at 4:30pm. The first plane contained Mary whom flew down to assist with the installation of computers at two separate Belizian Schools, and then the second which contained the MVNU Education group. Overall the wait for both flights was not particularly a long duration of time and Dwight came back as promised actually slightly earlier. This worked out to our advantage because everyone was accounted for and Scott, Dwight, and I started loading up the massive amount of luggage.
Everyone shuffled into their chosen seat and we headed back the Kindred Spirits camp-ground.

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