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Friday, January 6, 2012

Belmopan's Children

Today we went to The King's Children's Home in Belmopan. It had around 45 children living there from newborns to twenty year olds. Christy brought crafts for all the kids. The kids loved playing with all the crafts. I loved playing with them all and getting to just spend time with them! They asked us a lot of questions. One of the funniest comments was from the little boys who kept asking if the boys played futbol (soccer)l. I responded and told them that I play. The little boys told me no girls do not play. I had to show them that I could also play like the boys. The children of the home all had chores and different roles. Many of the older children helped out with the younger ones. It seemed that almost every kid there would latch on and want to play anything at all. It was hard leaving because they wanted to keep playing. As we were walking out they were waving goodbye and they were just so cute! It was a really great experience that I will not forget! And I have a ton of pictures too! :)

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