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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Flight

Well I've never flown on a plane until yesterday. It was a very interesting and very good experience for me. I felt that the plane was smaller then i thought it was going to be, and at times I felt a little claustrophobic, but the ride itself was smoother then I thought it was going to be, and landing wasn't as rough as I expected. I found the airports in the states to be a pain. The security in those airports is so tight, and I understand why, but I just felt like I was being looked at under a microscope with everything that I did. Like I said, I understand that, but I feel like the United States is all about freedom, and going through the airport there was a lack of freedom. The airport here in Belize is much different. It is quite smaller and crammed packed. So all in all for the first time experience it wasn't too bad.

1 comment:

  1. Did you ask to get your wings? On my first plane ride ever I was told to ask the steward that question and they game me a pin with wings and I still have it!