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Friday, January 6, 2012


We had the afternoon today free so some of us took a spontaneous trip to the King's Children's Home in Belmopan. Kristy brought some crafts for the kids to do during the three hours we were there. There were about 46 kids ranging in ages from a few months to 20 years old. The older kids helped out with the younger kids feeding them, changing their diapers, and holding them. I loved helping the kids paint their suncatchers and bead designs. They were also fascinated by us and our cameras. So we took lots of pictures and then showed them to them. I felt like a super important person because they all wanted to climb on me or hold my hand. Most of the kids spoke pretty good English. They also ran around barefoot. At times I felt like a nervous parent (maybe that's just the nurse in me), like when they were dare devils and climbed up the basketball pole. It was sad saying good bye to them and I wish we could go back again. I was so glad we got to have this experience though because we didn't have anything planned for the day.

Amelia Fenwick (I've been having trouble getting an account, so I used Katie's)

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