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Saturday, January 7, 2012


This evening we arrived in Succotz. I love the town and people here. It is the same town that I taught in last year at Alvin L Young High School. It is a small town but full of life. Upon arrival, we settled in our "dorms" (fully equipped with 2 and 3 story bunk beds with foam mattresses) we had dinner as a large group. Then, Dr. Skon led a group of senior colloq and business students on a walk into town. We went to Benny's (the local "supercenter" consisting of a playground, restaurant, gift shop, and small convenience store). At Benny's we got milkshakes. I got a chocolate milkshake that resembled the taste of chocolate water (people that got other flavors seemed to have had a thicker consistency though).

Following our milkshakes, some of us went to the Nazarene church in Succotz. It is down the road from Benny's. They were having a bilingual youth service. At the church, I had the opportunity to reconnect with a friend, Miss Ingrid (a principal at a local school that I met last year). We also got to have some conversations with some of the youth in the church. During the service, we sang in English and Spanish (I can understand some of the verbal Spanish, but I do better when it is written) and shared about what we were thankful for. One of the girls talked about being thankful that she passed chemistry. This was another reminder for me about the similarities between kids in the states and at home.

Since church, many of us have taken not warm but not cold showers thanks to the help of "Sparky" (our "water heater) and spent time with the sweet children who live here at the camp: Leslie, Gilda, Waren, and Michelle. They even remembered me from last year, which was exciting...apparently red hair tends to stand out in Belize lol!

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