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Saturday, January 7, 2012

An unexpected bathroom attendant.

Day 1 in Belize began all too early in the morning on Jan 7th. It was around 4:30am when nature called and I responded by climbing down my extremely high bunk bed without a ladder. I grabbed my brand new mini maglight that I bought for the trip and headed to the bathroom. Without my glasses I spotted something dark in the toilet and feared it to be a giant spider. After closer inspection it ended up being a tree frog enjoying a morning dip. I wonder how he got inside of the cabin. Later I asked the girls if they had seen the frog and the surprised looks I got only made me suspect he had been accidently flushed later that morning.

Good morning Belize. It was fairly cool today so most of us skipped the cold shower and headed off to a breakfast of leftover French toast, boiled eggs and bananas. The internet was back up but still somewhat unreliable. I was at least able to respond to some people in the states that I had arrived safely.

After breakfast we headed back to our brightly colored cabins to pack because we would be leaving later that day for Succotz.

 After we were all packed we left for the zoo. I will need to upload those pictures later because there were quite a few.

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