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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well here goes something!

Well it is 3:02 a.m. I have not slept a wink all night. I tried going to bed around 10 pm, but my body just decided: "Nope! You're going to stay up and be as excited and nervous as possible until you can't lay in bed any more and have to get up and do something!"

Thus, here I am writing my first blog post for our Belize trip! Woohoo!

Anyway, I am really very excited and can't wait to get on the plane and head to Belize. Not only because I get to take classes in a tropical country during one of the coldest months of winter for an Ohioan, :), but also because I believe this trip will be amazing! I have huge expectations for all the adventures that we will encounter while in Belize this next month and I'm also praying for a renewing of my relationship with God. I really think all this and more can happen!

So, as I anxiously pack the last few essentials in my suitcase and thumb through my mental packing list to make sure I haven't forgotten anything vitally important, I am also praying for our safety on our journey down to Belize and for our entire time spent there! I can't wait to see what God has in store, as well as for all of the fun we're going to have and what I can learn!

And here is hoping that with the little we can offer God on this trip, that He will use it to the best of His advantage! (And that I can get a few hours of sleep on the plane ride please? haha) 


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