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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We landed in Belize around 4:00 pm. And was the first time to walk off the airplane outside. After getting off the plane we went inside and went right through customs. We were met in Belize by our leader who lives in Belize, his name is Dwight, he is very nice guy.

After leaving the airport, we stopped to grab a bit to eat at a Mexican restaurant called Cheers “with a tropical twist”. Cheers was very good, I had a quesadilla. After Cheers, we arrived at our camp where we are sleeping and having class. We put together our beds and put up our defense against the bugs. After our short welcome meeting, it was time for bed and war with the bugs for the first night

Day 2, I woke up around 6:45, got dressed and headed to breakfast. We had eggs, toast, and orange juice. I volunteered for clean up duty for the first meal we have had to cook. After breakfast and clean up, we had our first class session. After class we had some free time where six of us played some cards. We paused about halfway through to grab some lunch. We had lunch meat sandwiches, pb&j, chips and salsa. We we finished we just sat around, finished our card game and chatted until class time part 2.

At the end of class is when Yerxa's group got here so we showed them where we were staying and helped them carry bags into our cabins. We also took a small hike down to the river, which was awesome. Seeing all of the different trees, plants, and flowers. Just looking around as we walk through the jungle. By the time we got back it was time for dinner. We had spaghetti for dinner which was really good.

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