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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Day with Gladys

Beth and I had the unique opportunity after church today to go home with a lady name Gladys. Gladys had her two daughters, niece, and nephew with her at church. First, we went to her house, so her daughters could change clothes. Then, we took a taxi to the outskirts of town to Gladys's sisters home. We had lunch with Gladys and her children and two of Gladys's sisters and their families. They made us a traditional Belizean meal of rice, chicken, and plantains. We had lots of conversation throughout the day about Belizean life, their personal lives, and our own lives. Gladys was very interesting and inspiring with her strong devotion to God. We also watched the children play hide and seek throughout the yard. When we left, we walked the trek back into Succotz to Gladys's house and spent more time with her and her children. It was a wonderful experience to see into the life of a Belizean.

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