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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Full Day!

Today we woke up to the sounds of birds and insects before the sun was up. Last night was an experience because it was the first time sleeping with all of the noises from outside, and it was my first time sleeping inside of a bug net! This morning it was the first time showering here for many of us, which turned out to be a very cold and fast experience due to not hot water availability. Class followed breakfast and challenged us to think about ethical issues as well as moral issues, and everything in between. After class discussion we had some free time so a few of us went exploring the campground and connecting paths, and we took a lot of pictures of nature as well as structures that are very prevalent to the country of Belize. Lunch followed free time and consisted of cold cuts, chips & salsa, and cheese. The salsa, unlike last night's salsa, was more what I imagine the authentic salsa of Central America to taste like- a little more hot than we are used to in the States. The time between lunch and class allowed us to spend time working on assignments that are required to be done, and due soon. Class after our homework time was spent discussing the moral and ethical issues of same-sex marriage. This class focuses on the issues that are very pressing, we know how God wants us to react but yet, we still let our judgmental selves lead the way we believe we should take. After class, we walked down to the largest river in Belize and were able to experience some of what the “real jungle” will be like. I would not say that anything today changed me or made me feel any differently than normal, but I do like that technology is not at our fingertips all the time, and we cannot just reach in our pocket and grab a cell phone to ensure that we are “doing something.” For dinner we are having Spaghetti (it is being made at the campground) and after dinner we have a guest speaker. Tomorrow the day is spent doing a river-boat tour where there will be alligators and monkeys!

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